IT survey evaluates satisfaction levels, usage trends

IT survey evaluates satisfaction levels, usage trends

The results of the 2013 campus-wide Faculty/Staff IT Survey showed that campus users continue to have high satisfaction with many core IT services. For 17 of the 20 satisfaction indicators measured, over 80% of respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with the service. These results are consistent with measures collected in 2012 and 2013.

This survey was administered to all full-time faculty and staff outside UI Health Care, a total of 5,894 subjects. There were 2,535 responses to the 2013 survey, a response rate of 43%; this was nearly 1,000 more responses than in 2012. There were nearly 3,000 responses to five open-ended questions about how services could be improved, running to a total of 200 pages.

Growth in wireless devices and remote access to information

In addition to questions about service satisfaction and improvements, the survey sought information about how people use IT services. Results showed continuing growth in wireless devices and access to campus information away from the office.

Ownership of smartphones increased from 45% to 56% of the population; tablet use rose from 26% to 42%, a 61% increase. Over 70% responded that they read e-mail on a phone or tablet, and nearly 80% of the respondents use smart phones or tablets for UI business. Wireless usage jumped significantly, and satisfaction with wireless increased by 12 percentage points.

About half of the respondents are bringing personal technology to campus to conduct campus business.

Results specific to each college and business unit were distributed to the IT directors managing services in those units for their consideration and action. A comprehensive report showing results for the last three years is posted at