UI collaborates with UNI on ifolio project

UI collaborates with UNI on ifolio project

A team of ITS staff members teamed up with colleagues at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) to build the necessary infrastructure to deploy the UI’s electronic portfolio for UNI students, and the collaboration saved the state thousands of dollars. While the academic technology staff at the three institutions has a long history of collegial networking, this effort is one of the first collaborative instructional technology services between Regents schools.

The UI had developed and deployed ifolio just as UNI was looking to replace its vendor-supported product. UNI found that ifolio was customizable, included more features, and saved the school about $20,000 per year in licensing fees. The two universities worked together to provide appropriate integrations to identity management systems, training for support staff and faculty, ongoing support for students, and local branding for each of the schools and departments.

ifolio wins IOWA Award

In spring of 2012, the team received an Improving Our Workplace Award (IOWA Award) from the UI. The awards recognize employees who demonstrate initiative and innovation that has a positive impact in their workplace. Members of the ifolio team were: Annette Beck and Sue Almen-Whittaker of ITS-Instructional Services; Andrew Rinner of ITS-Enterprise Services; Chris Pruess, Nick Roy, Gary Rogers, Greg Nims, and Rebekah Ahrens of ITS-Administrative Information Systems; and UNI staff members Aaron Thompson, Lori Seawel, Jason Vetter, Jeffrey Ries, and Donna Vinton.

The ifolio project involved collaboration within the university community and across boundaries to UNI,” said ITS-Instructional Services Senior Director Maggie Jesse, who nominated the team. “It exemplifies cross-Regent communication, careful long-term planning, and measurable results.”